Candidate must not be less than 10 years old and not more 13 years old on the 31st December for the academic year.
written and oral examination must be passed for a candidate to qualify. Both are considered necessary for admission(written/oral).
Selection is done strictly on merit on the basis of scores at the examination and interview level. However Children of UMCA Chapel members who meet the minimum requirements will be admitted. The number of accepted candidate in each year will depend on the number of available places that year.
The ratio of the male students to the female students should not be far apart. The school will endeavor to have a balanced ratio provided qualified candidate are available.
The school shall try to supply textbooks only on payment of the book deposit.
If any of the student collects books more than the amount deposited, a bill shall be sent to his parent for settlement during the following term. This arrangement is made to ensure that all students have their own textbooks for effective learning. The suggest and approved textbooks will be communicated by the school.
  1. Pen/Biro, Pencil, Eraser,Scissors.
  2. Hoes, cutlass, langa-langa, Broom and mopping stick
  3. Note books for subjects and assignment, Graph book, Drawing board, Mathematical set.
  4. 3 passport photographs.
  5. 1 Bucket (Metal).
  • 2 light blue shorts
  • 2 shirts
  • 2 badges sewn on the shirts