Welcome to Chapel Secondary School

Our Vision

To provide excellent Christian education both temporal and spiritual for responsible godly leadership in Nigeria and the world at large and To raise Christian students who have acquired wisdom, knowledge and Biblical world-view as evident by a lifestyle of character, leadership, service, stewardship and worship, Products of this school are to go forth and shine for the Lord wherever they may be planted.

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Our Mission

To provide an avenue for imparting Christian heritage to the children, and provide excellent education - academic and spiritual for all students in order to bring back the glory of Christian Mission Schools notably in discipline, high academic standard and spiritual fulfilment for the sole purpose of raising God-fearing children for the Church, Nigeria and the world at large

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At Chapel Secondary School, we believe that total development of a child's mental, spiritual and physical abilities for social adaptation is his/her due. Our students are encouraged to participate in social group activities that seek to develop their innate potential, making them better and more responsible citizens of the nation.

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