Mathematics and Computer Studies Department of Chapel Secondary School

Mathematics though an interesting and easy subject to pass has become an albatross for many students over the years. They live in the fear of the subject and hence are even scared to practice it. Any student who takes time out to practice eventually finds out how interesting and easy to pass the subject is.

This is why the school employed well qualified mathematics and education professionals to teach the subject. They tutor, counsel and encourage the students to bring an improvement to the teaching and learning of the subject with particular emphasis on personal practice.

The department also has able computer graduates who have a wide range of knowledge in the field of computer studies. These teachers are able to put the students through all the various aspects of the subject which includes the engineering, hardware, software, design and other necessary areas to make for well grounded computer studies students. The students through this tutoring are able to hold their own in this computer age.

From The Table of the H.O.D

Mrs Niniola

Warm welcome to you from the methematics and computer studies department of Chapel Secondary. Here at the department, we are known for excellence. We try our best to build the interest of our students in the task of critical thinking.