Art and Social Sciences Department of Chapel Secondary School

The department handles humanity related subjects such as Christian Religious Studies, Civic Education, Social Studies, Business Studies and Office Practice offered at the junior secondary while subjects such as CRS, Civic Education, Geography, Government, Accounting, Commerce and Economics are offered at the senior secondary level.

Students of this department eventually end up in vocations such as law, journalism, business administration, accounting, political analysts, politicians, economists, banking to mention a few.

The department encourages field trips and excursions for their students such as visits to Owu fall by the geography students, Shoprite by the commercial students, and recently a visit was paid to the orphanages in Ilorin by the CRS students where donations in cash and kind were made by students, parents and the school.

From The Table of the H.O.D

Mr Gabriel E.A

Warm welcome to you from the Art and Social Sciences department of Chapel Secondary. Here at the department, we are known for excellence. We try our best to build the interest of our students in Art, which is the basics of our excistence and also financial studies.