Vocational Department of Chapel Secondary School

Vocational education prepares students to work in various jobs, such as trade, a craft or as a technician. Vocational education is a career or technical education.

The following subjects are offered in the department; Technical Drawing, Music, Fine Art, Electronics, Building and Construction, Home Economics, Dyeing and Bleaching, Garment making, Basic Technology, Food and Nutrition and Visual Art.

Here in Chapel Secondary School the teachers in the department are professional and they are known for mastery of their subjects, they are well equipped and talented even with the current trends in their subjects. However the students are not limited to theory but major in practical work. Some of our students that have graduated have invested into one trade or the other, become technicians and even proceeded into higher institutions to be the best in their field of study. Not only that, some higher institutions cannot compete with us because our students acquire skill in all their choice subjects and are well trained enough to become professionals before they graduate. As a result of these, the department has produced different materials such as water level alarm, phone battery charger, building plans, different art works and different colours of dyed material, just to mention a few.

The Vocational department in Chapel secondary lives up to its name in producing excellent students who become scholars in higher institutions.

From The Table of the H.O.D

Pastor T.A Adesola

Warm welcome to you from the Vocational department of Chapel Secondary. Here at the department, we are known for excellence. We try our best to build the interest of our students in the task of creative thinking and Crafts.